Layering Rugs: 4 Simple, Yet Creative Techniques

Who doesn’t love layering! We layer our clothes and bedding everyday, so why not layer your rugs? Rugs can be a difficult purchase whether they are part of your initial design plan or an after-thought to an unfinished room. Size, price, color, texture, material, and rug pile need to be considered when selecting proper dogs for your space. We know this can be a little overwhelming, so if you haven’t thought about using this design technique before, here are some ideas on how to create luxurious layers on the floor of your beautiful home!

Different Sizes


The photo above shows a nice example of layering a low pile rug topped with a smaller cream fur rug. The combination of the two adds texture and a warm cozy feel to the space. Notice the sizes are working together and one is not competing with the other, creating a cohesive balance to the room.

Expanding Space


Using a jute rug for your base rug, topping it with a hide allows you to create the feeling of a larger seating area with the highlight being the hide. This layering effect uses the second rug as an anchor the your seating area. you can use any type of smaller rug to achieve this look just pay attention to the pile heights. This layering combination is going to add immediate texture into any space. A good example of choosing the right pile heights for layering.

Using Patterns & Colors


Eclectic rug layering is shown in this photo. You can finally pull out all those small textile rugs you never found a spot for and layer them up in a fun creative way. This is a way to change up your space in no time.

Layer In The Nursery


One of my favorite places to layer rugs in the nursery! Here is a beautiful example of layering within the space. Creating a soft area to enjoy with your little one is very important. You see a low pile rug with an accent fur. I love how plush this rug is and the feel it creates in the nursery.

Now you have some tips and ideas to start layering! If your rug is too small now, you can change that with adding another or pull out the one in your closet you couldn’t find a spot for. Have fun and layer it up!


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