Living Room Perfection: Start From Scratch!

When thinking about what to do with your living room space, you must first decide on your style. What is your style? You have to take the time to find the look that you want to create which will tell what exactly your style is, and whatever look you go for, do your research.

Take cuttings from magazines, create a Pinterest board, or even pull your favorite items together in a moodboard on something like Houzz. This will help prevent any costly design errors or choices, and keep you on track whilst you’re shopping. It will also help you decide on exactly what you want your living room to look like!

Think Of The Family



Once you have your style picked out and have a vision for your space, you can begin making arrangements. First, you have to remember to make it friendly. This part isn’t always easy, but think about how to accommodate all of the family, particularly the young people, when designing your room. Give them their own seating. Beanbags or little chairs are great, and ensure they feel part of the family. Making sure fabrics and materials are washable or can be wiped clean will help keep the room looking good too.

Have tables at the right height for play, and avoid sharp edges. Keep breakables out of reach for young children too. However, if young people are not a part of your equation and you want to keep your living room as a formal space, feel free to use all of the sharp edges that you please!

Consider The Lighting



Next, you’ll need to make the most of the light that you have. You can do this in several ways. If you have large windows allow as much light to flood into the room as possible, but if you aren’t blessed with such features, you need to trick the space into feeling lighter. Use light reflecting paints, gloss surfaces, or glass and perpex furniture. Remember to add a mirror opposite of the window if you can to help bounce light around the room, and if you can remove a door or create a walkway through to the next room, this will also help.

Don’t forget to add lighting to your design too. Accent lighting, task lighting and table lamps all help to create a certain atmosphere in the room, and keep it cozy and welcoming. Harsh lighting will make the space feel uninviting and cold, so try to avoid too many overhead lights.

Fixate A Focal Point



A living room space will benefit from a focal point. In this room, the focal point is usually a fireplace, but if you don’t have one, it might be the window or the sofa or even a light fixture from the ceiling. You might not want a huge stag head above, but create the wow factor with one piece that draws the eye into the room, and this will help to set the tone for the rest of the decor. It will really give your living room some focus, and it can be great help in designing the remainder of the space.

Make It Comfy



It goes without saying that a great living room design needs comfortable seating. When you have a young family you don’t always want to spend huge amounts of money on this, knowing it might get wrecked in a few years, but you still want the best seating that you can find. Make sure that it is comfortable for everyone, and made with quality material, so that you can get your money’s worth!

Plan For Storage



Lastly, a well-designed family home needs plenty of great storage, and the living room is no exception! There are lots of ways to incorporate storage into the room. Think about shelving for books and accessories, coffee tables with drawers, or even poufs with hidden storage. Be creative with your storage, upcycling old pieces of furniture and giving them new leases of life.


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Bookcase Styling Tips From A Designer

We all want to know how bloggers, artists, and designers get their home decor so stylish and on point without going over the top. Well, we have the secrets for you and are willing to share! It all starts with a bookcase. If you can style a bookcase, you can style anything! There is one basic guideline we follow. Keep it simple. What we mean by that is, add whatever you would like, just don’t overthink it.



Now, the items you should be using will include your favorite books, accent pieces, additive boxes, plants, objects of interest, and picture frames. We’re going to be using these items to create an appealing bookcase for your home. Just make sure you’re using items you love and will supply inspiration and good vibes.




First, start with choosing your favorite books and grouping the together keeping their size in mind. Put together the books that look best side by side keeping in mind there genres. Make sure the stacks range from 3 to 6 books depending on their thickness. Place them in rows and columns spaced out throughout the bookcase. Use your artistic eye to feel out how many stacks you need since it will vary depending on how many shelves there are and how wide and tall the bookcase is.

Accent Pieces



Accent pieces come in all shapes and sizes! We love them all, but keep in mind; you have objects of interest coming too. Use tall pieces if there is space. This is the best way to add height to your display. Try out vases, candleholders, long-stemmed glasses, or even a lamp (if it fits).

Additive Boxes



Use decorative boxes here and there to make it look less busy. They can add so much style too. If you’re going for a rustic look, place some wooden panel boxes or woven baskets. If you’re looking for something a little more chic, use a glass box or white office boxes. They’re great for storage as well!




Some greenery is always nice no matter where you put it! Plants tend to have a calming, relaxing, and tranquil effect. If you don’t quite have that green thumb, check out our Best Indoor Plants for Your Home post. It provides knowledge of the best plants for the anti-gardeners out there. These plants include succulents, cacti, aloe vera, Fiji palms, and a couple more. Put them in a cute and stylish pot; they’re good to be placed on the shelf! Use as many plants as you want, but try to use that artistic eye to know when enough is enough. We suggest using only one plant that makes an impact just to be safe not to overdue it.

Objects of Interest



These will be the items that…interest you! You want to decorate with items that will keep you inspired, encouraged, and excited for each day. This also includes objects that have a lot of meaning and sentimental value to you. Use these important pieces throughout the shelves as bookends, paperweights, or just little décor to fill a small space. Again, don’t over-do it with these though. You don’t want it to look cluttered!

Picture Frames



Last but not least, the family aspect comes in. Pick up some cute frames from Target and HomeGoods. Print out your favorite pictures with friends, family, or just creative pieces of artwork. Place sporadically down the bookcase.



We have a couple key rules we go by when decorating a bookcase. Use the items you love. Books are essential for a bookcase, and should be arranged in both rows AND columns. Use a variety of items and objects that range in both height and width on each shelf to create balance. Distribute color and weight evenly. Our last rule: group items in odd numbers, preferably threes.

Hopefully, this has helped! Feel free to comment and send us pictures of your new and improved bookcase.


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