Romance in the Home: Design Addition

As we approach Valentine’s Day and celebrate the month of romance- it is imperative that we add some spice into our space to celebrate with our loved ones! Valentine’s Day is a holiday that can easily be overlooked when it comes to home decor as we start to put away all of our winter and Christmas decorations, but these few simple additions and fixes to your current decor can easily add that dash of romance you have been missing in your space, without breaking the bank or requiring a lot of pre-planning!

1. Candles

Candles are such a simple addition to any room within your home, that can really spark romance. Whether it is your favorite sultry-smelling candle or a collection of tea lights that trail your loved one to a surprise, the slow burn of the candle will be sure to ignite the figurative flame you’ll be wanting this Valentine’s Day.

2. Pop of Red/Pink

When it comes to the color red, psychologists say that it is the hue that provokes the strongest emotions out of any other color. While most people associate the color red with anger and fury, it is also closely linked to feelings of passion, power, desire, and excitement. If red is too bold for your taste, shades of pink are a great alternative to add pops of romantic colors into your space. Pink is said to be the “feminine” version of red, more closely associated with calmness, love, and kindness. Whatever route you decide to take, these subtle pops of reds and pinks in your space are a great way to re-vamp your home just in time for the holiday.

3. Cozy Blanket

Who doesn’t love a warm and cozy blanket on an average night, let alone a night dedicated to snuggling up with your significant other or loved ones? We all most likely have blankets laying around the house, so setting out the perfect throw blanket to share while you indulge in a movie or sweet treats can help bring you closer together- while adding an extra level of comfort to the night!

4. Ambient Lighting

Different levels of lighting within any space can help play with the feeling and atmosphere you are trying to emulate within your home. Adding dimmable lights, lamps, sconces, chandeliers, candles, and other sources of light can help you really “set the mood” within your interior space!

5. Flowers

Not only do flowers make the perfect gift for your significant other this upcoming holiday season, but they are also a great way to add life to your interior space. Enhance your home with a bold colored flower for Valentine’s Day like red or pink roses, or offer a sense of peace and “true love” with a bouquet of white roses or other beautiful flowers. Whatever avenue you decide to take, this addition to your design will be sure to intensify the romance in your home!


We hope that these simple ideas will help you achieve the romantic feeling within your interior space just in time for Valentine’s Day. Love is in the air this season, and loving your interior space is just as important as loving one another!

XOXO, A.Clore Interiors

Day 7: Gingham Style

Not to be confused with Gangnam Style…which, we admit, have no idea how that song became so popular…the dance isn’t even that fun!?

any who..

Yay for day seven of this glorious month!!

Today we are going to give thanks to the Gingham Pattern!! So, I cant totally discredit Gangnam Style, as they were the inspiration for this post!

What is gingham, you ask? Well, the official definition for gingham is a medium weight balanced plain woven fabric made from dyed cotton or cotton blend yarn. Yawn.

Maybe this little girl can shed some light?

Or maybe this spread, oh, what a delight!!

Perhaps a colorful twist on a pattern quite trite!

Now that you know what gingham is all about,

and you’ve got the right pattern in mind

Look at this fabulous stationary to keep your cards a bind!

Bikinis to bows ~ and even peep toes!!

Grab a comfortable chair…

…or that throw over there.

Whether “red” or “blue”…we are all humans too!! (pun intended ;))


or small….

We love the GINGHAM PATTERN, we love them all!!!

Thanks for stoping by today,

come back again tomorrow to see to to see what attention we pay!!

P.S. Happy Birthday to the cutest little 2 year old ever, my nephew, Isaac Martin Neely