Create A Man Cave For Your Valentine

As women, we get so wrapped up in our daily routines. We often say we need to take a break or have some alone time. We often forget that our loving boyfriends and husbands need the same alone time. They also want to escape from the world sometimes. Now, we can enjoy our time being by ourselves just watching TV in the living room, reading a book in bed, or taking a relaxing bath with candles. This is one area where men and women are different. Men need a whole separate area they can claim as their own and do “manly” stuff in. This special room became known as a man cave. In a relationship, we always do things for each other to bring about their smile, so ladies, let’s get started on that man cave!!



Start off by determining his style. Find out if he enjoys pizza and football, beer and football, cars and football, or cocktails and football, because this will determine how we decorate. For the most part, it will have an industrial rustic design, because that tends to make a room have a masculine feel depending on how you play around with paint colors and such. Ask him questions, but keep them simple with not too many options. Ask if he would prefer brown or gray, and then blue, red, green, or orange. This is how you will find out the main color and the accent colors. (Guys typically don’t care if you’re trying to decide between Manor Blue and Comet. To them, they’re pretty much the same thing.)



Now, if your man is looking for something that is sleek and more “professional,” stick with leather couches, fresh metals, and elegant accents. Give the room a contemporary modern look. Maybe put in a small fancy bar to make into his own cocktail corner. Just make sure you keep all the accessories and decor true to his interests.



If your man wants what you typically would think of as a man cave, lets get down to business. Keep it very rustic industrial using lots of wood, exposed metal pipes, and bricks. Find some vintage pieces and get creative and crafty. Make a beer cooler out of a classic chest. Use old license plates as wall art. All the renewed vintage items will add some masculine style and character to the room.



Make it cozy so they feel comfortable in their man cave. After all, it is their room. (We just made it! J) Add some plaid wool blankets. Play in an animal coat rug. An absolute essential, though, is a leather recliner, preferably one that’s attached onto a sectional for “the king” and all his buddies.

Here’s an extra few ideas for manly décor:

Use a wooden crate for storage.



Hammer out simple wrenches to turn them into hooks.



Get (or make) a wooden coffee table.



Create a bookshelf made out of pipe clamps (for his many leather-bound books).



Add in a unique bottle opener.


Just keep it all manly and to his taste. He will love having a space specifically to himself and all his stuff. (This also gives you a space to put all his stuff that you don’t want “decorating” your home.) It works out for the both of you! If you don’t want to do it as a surprise, he can even help you with all the lifting, building, and painting. I mean, what are men for, right? Just have fun with it!


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