Creating the Ultimate Guest Bedroom

Which room should be the most relaxing and enjoyable room in the house? If you said the guest bedroom, you are correct! We always want to make sure our guests feel at home. The guest bedroom is one of the most crucial rooms in the house to keep in tiptop shape so that we can ensure a comfortable relaxing stay. There are many different items you can include in the décor to really have your guest bedroom rise above the rest, but we condensed it to six essentials.

Basket of Magazines



The first essential item that really just brings a calming feel is a basket of magazines to pick up a light read. Always keep your magazines that come through the mail, so if your guest would like to take a magazine home with them, they can. Keep a variety of different magazines; different things appeal to different people. Don’t forget about the basket though! Pick something that goes with the rest of the room and any “theme” you might have going in the guest bedroom. Just be creative and make it look pretty.

Hangers Are Key



We love the idea of having extra hangers in their closet for them just like a hotel. It has a very vacationing feel, and it’s extremely convenient. Try to leave about eight hangers in the closet for your guests.  They will be impressed and very satisfied when it comes to the end of their stay.

Extra Blankets & Pillows



This is critical because that’s the number one question guests tend to ask: if you have a blanket. Don’t make them ask. Give them extra. Make sure the blankets and extra sheets are always clean and smell nice!

A Full-Length Mirror



Everyone loves full-length mirrors. We could all probably stand in front of one all day. We want to be able to see our whole outfit all put together. We’re sure you can understand the simple joy and happiness you’re bringing to your guest when you put a full-length mirror in the guest room. They will love it!

The Bedside Table Essentials



I grouped everything on the bedside table into one category: the bedside table essentials. There are four crucial items necessary for the night stand including books, an alarm clock, lamp, and the Wi-Fi password. Any books will do; remember, different genres appeal to different people. You never know when someone’s in the mood for some midnight reading.

You’re going to need an alarm clock on there, because you don’t want them having to reach for their phone or look at their watch every time they would like to know what time it is. It’s just inconvenient. You also want them to be able to wake up to the radio if they would like. This convenience is the same for the lamp as well. You need a cool lamp that spices up the room with style, but one that is extremely functional. This might be the most used piece in the whole guest bedroom.

Last but not least is the Wi-Fi password. Not many people think about this, but if you have it already set out in front of them, your guests will love you for it. With the social media being so big nowadays, it is just nice to leave it out for them. You can put it in a nice frame and make it look more like a piece of artwork.




Flowers are half for décor and half to add a scent. We have a recent post on how to make the perfect flower arrangement that you can read here. Flower arrangements have a classic, beautiful effect in a room. They work in every area of a room to make the space look softer and more relaxed. It helps that they smell so nice and fresh as well to give a calm soothing effect.

Well, there are our six essentials to conquering the guest bedroom like a pro and making it the ultimate space. Very simple. Very easy. Add this here; add this there. Just to acknowledge all the items again, we have a basket full of magazines, extra closet hangers, extra blankets and sheets, a full-length mirror, the bedside table essentials, and flowers. Your guests will be very impressed and extremely satisfied! We’re sure of it!


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Keep Up With Mirror Trends!

We love having mirrors in our homes because it makes each room appear so much larger. Mirrors are our best friends in small spaces, so we always want to keep up with latest trends to know which one would look best in each room. There are 5 different mirror types: the typical square/rectangle, circle, floor, geometric, and vintage.

Square / Rectangle



This will work in any room, any time. It is typical and safe, but can still be trendy.




This mirror has a very modern feel. You can go with a bronze or gold frame to give it an elegant, sleek look, or combine the mirror with a wooden frame to keep it casual and not over-the-top modern.




Who doesn’t want a floor length mirror? Really. You will use this daily and is a huge decorative piece. It’s very easy to update by just painting and changing the frame, and this mirror will be a piece you will keep forever. You will never let this accent piece go.




This type of mirror is still pretty simple, but because of the shape, it’s also very trendy with a huge impact.




This type will be perfect in your hollywood glam styled room. This one piece has so much personality and can easily get along with many items in a room. You can lean it up against a wall or hang it up; just be careful on how heavy it is.

Try some new mirrors in each room and just watch how big of an impact it has on every room!


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