Our Color Palettes

You can find palettes in a lot of aspects in life. Artists use this thin board to mix their colors for painting, musicians vary their tone range in pieces, and makeup gurus know it best as eyeshadow or blush palettes. Interior designers recognize it as a collection of cohesive colors within a space. It can be the easiest element to use when planning a coordinating room; but can also be taken to the next level with risky combinations.

An artist’s palette

The A.Clore Interiors team is always brainstorming ways to bring our audience interesting and fun content that represents us as a company. Our newest creation are Color Inspiration Palettes! These are a combination of 5 hues pulled from an inspiring photo. All the colors you see are available as Sherwin William paints. Embrace your inner designer and get ready to start painting!


You’ll be able to find these color palettes on our Instagram. If you aren’t ready following, our handle is @acloreinteriors. On this page, the collages can be found under the “Palettes” highlight. While there, you can admire all our aesthetically-pleasing project photos. Plus, scroll down to find all the graphics naming topics we have previously blogged!

When will you be able to see these? The palettes are already being produced and posted! Stories will be posted intermittently with our other relevant content.  If you have a high quality photo, painting, or object that has always caught your eye with its mesmerizing colors, send it to us. We can create a palette specially for you!


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