How To Create The Ultimate Home Library

We understand it’s 2016 and people use kindles and eReaders for reading instead of hauling around heavy books, but for all of you that still appreciate the smell of new books and the texture of the pages between your fingers, we know you want the ultimate home library. We have a little how-to guide to fully achieve your library oasis in any room of your home. Your books will be happily placed in their own dedicated spots, and you will want to hide out in the room all day!

Select the Room



Most homes aren’t built with a library in mind, so this means you have to pick either an extra bedroom or the den. If you don’t have an extra room, it is also possible to just turn one big wall into your library by adding a built in. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a completely separate room, so just create whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Comfortable Seating



Who doesn’t love to curl up in a cozy spot with a good book? Pick the kind of seating you feel the most relaxed on. You want to feel like you’re on a cloud in your own oasis so that you can just melt right into your book. The color is up to you, but we suggest neutral colored furniture. You want the room to have a soothing ambiance.

Built-In Or No Built-In



To make the room look like a true library, built-ins typically come into play. Don’t be afraid to make it work without them though! You can create some cool shelving to hold your many books, and the empty spaces can be styled like a regular bookcase.


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How To Create The Perfect Reading Nook

We all know it’s hard to turn off the TV, grab a book, relax, and read. It’s probably a little harder for some than others, but either way, we have the perfect solution! You will always want to read if you make yourself a little reading heaven, such as a reading nook! A reading nook doesn’t always have to be in an alcove of your home, but it can be, which tends to make it a little cozier. We have a way of turning any empty space into a comfy, cozy reading nook, though!

The Basics



To start, get a big comfy chair you love and you feel like you could sit in all day. Grab an end table that is pretty basic, so you can redecorate as much as you would like and aren’t stuck to one certain style. To go along with these two items, find a rug that adds to the comfy, homey feeling of the space. You want it to feel light and airy as well as soft and sweet.

Necessary Accessories



There are a couple accessories that are necessary and others that aren’t as important. For instance, a lamp is pretty essential if you want to do some reading later in the day. Make sure your end table is large enough to hold a lamp, your book and a drink. It obviously doesn’t have to be a large table, just big enough to fit those three things. A big throw blanket is another important item to add to the comfy, cozy feel. Add a woven basket to add texture and hold your throw blanket and any extra pillows to make the space even more enjoyable.

Extra Accessories



Use your favorite books as decoration. Pay attention to the covers, because how you arrange them and stack them can play with the rest of your décor, such as some greenery. Try to add in a plant or flowers. They will bring some liveliness to the air and the reading space.

Go ahead and add anything else you might want that you feel will bring out the comfy, cozy appeal of the space. The space is yours, so grab anything that will encourage you to read and escape to your heavenly reading nook!


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