Get Rid Of That Negative Energy!

Who wants negative energy in their home? I know we don’t! We have some tips and tricks to keep that negative energy out of the home and bring in some positive vibes. This year is all about being refreshed and renewed as we learned from our color of the year, Greenery. Let’s take sometime to do a couple things around our homes to make ourselves feel more relaxed and kick out all that negative energy that shouldn’t be crowding our living spaces!

Essential Oils

Yes, we’ve been hearing a lot about essential oils. Are they really that good for you and your surroundings? Yes! They are! To be specific to negative vibes, we suggest using the orange scent. This smell often reminds people of sunshine, summer, and smiles. Its an easy adjustment that automatically puts you in a better mood. Use it as a spray around the home or put a couple drops in your diffuser with some water.

Repair The Broken Items


Broken things in the home always brings about a negative energy. Instead of saying, “oh,  I’ll fix that later.” Either fix it right then or throw it out if you know you’ll never get around to it. Broken items give off a broken ambiance.

Remove clutter ASAP


Clutter just makes you feel cramped and unorganized. It only makes you feel worse and overwhelmed. What many people don’t know is that objects actually retain lots of energy and that tends to “block” our path and daily activities. Do yourself a favor and spend a day decluttering your home. It will help you to feel less tired and stressed on a daily basis.

Yellow Paint 


Try putting yellow in your home and not have it brighten the room or remind people of sunshine. Color plays an extremely important role in your home, and the color yellow tends to calm bad energy and wipe it away. Not only does it improve the mood and vibe in the room, but it also makes a room appear bigger and adds a warm tone to the room.

Love your home and keep that bad, negative energy out of there!


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Design Tips: Affordable at Expert Level

Some of the greatest design tips the experts don’t typically share. But since we love our readers so much, we’re willing to spill some of our secrets! We already gave you some of the basic design tips you can read here, so we’re moving on to the first set of expert design tips we have for you that will help you save money. Yep, we’re watching the budget, too!

Timing Is Everything



First things first, you want to time it out right. Time your home makeover around when things go on sale. It’s a really simple idea, but you never really think about it all that much. It just helps make the process of redecorating actually attainable and affordable.

Where To Go



Go to a consignment store! Seriously! The items you can find at these shops for extremely low prices will shock you. The price tends to drop the longer each item stays on the floor, so the great stuff goes quite quickly. Eventually, it will just become a hobby to check back often.

Play Out The Trading Game



One way to keep things interesting and updated around the home is to swap out a few accent pieces every so often, such as pillows and throws. Try out new, fresh colors and textures. Never forget that these smaller accent items have a big effect on a room.




To save money, many companies have been coming out with interior design items that have two purposes instead of just one. The best steal you can possibly find is a reversible bedspread. We all know how often we want a completely different look. This solves our problems when it comes to the bedroom being diverse.

Utilizing Your Space



Another great way to come the budget low and the results large is to simply rearrange the furniture. Utilize all of the space. Try different pieces in places you never thought of before. The best way to do this is to take away all your knickknacks and trinkets first. Then, rearrange the larger furniture and then the smaller furniture. Decorate then with only the pieces you love and can’t live without, so it doesn’t get too cluttered.

We really hope these design tips help and encourage you to take the plunge you’ve been wanting to! If you have any other questions let us know!


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