Wednesday Color Report: Pantone Riverside

All throughout the season, we want to share with you Pantone’s Fall 2016 Top 10 colors for fashion and interior designers one color at a time. We’ll show you examples of how to incorporate each color into your wardrobe and your home decor. This is quite the variety of colors, and they are clearly inspired by the desire for tranquility, strength, and optimism. Our first color in this “mini series,” if you will, is Riverside.




This blue is cool and calming as most blues are. What makes this color separate and different from other blue hues is that it is also exudes a sense of strength and stability. It shows a minor sense of vibrancy and sophistication as well. Riverside is so easy to include in your home. Since it’s such a hot color right now, you can find many home decor items in this shade. The fashion and wardrobe side might be a little harder to find.


(found at Target)


(Found at Target)


(found at Bloomingdales)

The dress doesn’t match the color perfectly, but close enough! It’s very “in” right now. How adorably awesome are those trays, too? Those are a home decor addition everyone needs!




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