#FridayFavorites: Interior Design Styles – Rustic

The rustic farmhouse style is a huge trend right now! It’s taking the interior design industry by storm, and we can understand why. It gives each space a very homey vibe with sanded woods and neutral fabrics. We’re loving this look and we know you do too, so today, we’re going to show you how to create in your home from the foundation to the small decor items.




All furniture is sourced from Wayfair.


All decor sourced from Wayfair.


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Get the Rustic, Farmhouse Look!

Wooden headboards are very cost effective when they are reused from old furniture at home and are long lasting as well! They can create both modern and rustic looks for any of your bedroom spaces! Therefore today, we have a few simple, natural looking headboard ideas that can be placed in a rustic, farmhouse-style home with much ease. If you’re struggling to find a way to make a unique and cost effective headboard, just take a look at a couple of our ideas right here! All you’ll need is a few simple items from your local Home Depot, or you might even have the items available right at home!



Have any old window frames you’re dying to throw out?! Well, think again! Old window frames can be reused and upcycled into a number of different decorative items for your rustic home. For this project, they’ll be used as your wooden headboard! If you do have any old window frames available, we suggest this project so that you don’t have to go out and purchase any wood. To get this look, you can start by painting the frames to your desired color, sanding them down, or leaving them as is if you’d like. You can, then, find a few vibrant fabrics to attach onto the back of the frames to be seen through the front just as the image above. If the frames are long enough, you can attach them to the base of your bed. If not, screw them into the wall above your bed, or simply lean them against the wall temporarily to see if you’re comfortable with the design.



Why not add a branch to your naturistic headboard? With this design, you can either use your current headboard if it’s tall enough, or make your own! This project uses a wooden branch designed with hanging florals that make the headboard look unique and colorful. It’s the perfect way to add a little bit of color and vibrancy to your rustic space through the use of beautiful florals! To start this project, you’ll need a branch about the size as the one shown above that is thick enough to support the flowers without it looking flimsy. If you already have a tall headboard, you can screw open hooks into it to hold the branch upright. You can, then, either make your own floral strings, or find a few at your local craft store and tie them around the branch to dangle. However, if you do not already have a headboard, you can simply purchase a sheet of wood and follow the same steps!



Here, we have another cool way to incorporate pallets in your bedroom space. Wooden pallets are almost always thrown to the trash outside at hardware stores, so they are perfect for inexpensive projects and easy to find! This project is actually really easy once you’ve collected enough wooden planks to use. All you have to do is sand down your wooden pieces, paint them, or leave them as they are. Then you can simply drill them onto the wall above your bed with a few screws. Once all of your pieces are placed, you can draw, paint, or spray paint your own personal message or image onto the wood! In just a few steps, you’ll have your very own modern and rustic headboard for your bed!


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