Back to School with Organized Style


It’s just about that time of the year. Summer is almost over and it’s already time for Back to School! What lies ahead? Schedules, sports practices and games, homework, lunches, events, meetings, we can go on and on. When it comes to a smooth running home, being organized for back to school is very important. These back to school organizing tips are sure to help! Whether you need a spot to hold all the papers, a daily organizing system to keep track of everything, homework help, or even help tackling Mount Rushmore, we have some great tips that will get you and your home organized before and after school starts!

No matter how old your children are, they could all use a few helpful organizational tips to get through this school year! The older ones can help make sure the younger ones stay on track, and Mom and Dad can be the control center of it all!


To start off, we have a few ways to help your elementary level students keep everything in tact this year. If your kids haven’t started school already, then it’s definitely time to get your plans together, because school is right around the corner! To help you and your family plan for school, we suggest a back to school chart or family command center to help keep everyone on the same page. This chart will list all of the supplies needed, everyone’s set schedule, tasks for each person, and a check for everything that has already been completed. This will make sure that everyone knows what has already been done and what needs to be done. You can get a large chalkboard and hang it in the kitchen or the entryway so that everyone can always see it. Make sure to let the kids participate, and have them check off each task they complete. If you have middle school aged students as well, we have some tips for their back to school preparation, too! Middle school is a big transition from high school, and we’d like it keep it as smooth as possible. To help get them ready for this change, we think they deserve their own space; don’t you think? Instead of doing their homework at the kitchen table with the younger ones, they can have their own desk space in their room! This tip goes for high school kids as well. At this age, they should be able to have their own workspace that they can organize on their own and decorate how they please. This year before school starts, make sure everyone has their own space to feel comfortable while they’re studying and doing homework! Photo Source


Next, you’ll need to know what to do after school officially starts! We don’t want all of your organizational skills to go down the toilet a week into the school year, so we’re going to help you keep everything organized for the long haul. First, we’ll start with what to do for the younger ones. We know at this age it’s extremely easy to lose track of all their papers, pencils, and projects, so we have a simple solution: create a homework station. The homework station is simply a table that has a tray with holders for everything they might need to complete their work. The holders would have pencils, pens, markers, highlighter, extra paper, scissors, erasers, and a stapler. This way the kids won’t have any reason to get up from the table until they are completely done! Everything that everybody needs is at the station, so there should be no reason to leave! Photo Source


Once school has started for your older kids, they will be a little bit more self-sufficient than the younger ones. Because they have their own space and know exactly what they’re supposed to be doing, hopefully they can be organized on their own, but if that’s not the case, we have a couple tips for them as well! Once school starts, make a set family schedule that everyone can see and follow. The schedule should include everyone’s daily duties to complete when they get home from school. If one of the older ones needs to take little Johnny to soccer practice and make sure he finishes his homework, then that would be on the schedule. Anything and everything that needs to get done on a daily basis can be put on the schedule so that everyone is aware of what they should be doing. The schedule will help put your mind at ease a little and make sure everyone is on the same page. Photo Source

Whether you like it or not, school is here, and we all have to face it! Everyone’s lunch needs to be made, there’s a bus to catch, and tons of homework to get done, so we hope our little tips help you maintain a working system this school year!


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