The Organized Teacher


We know you’ve all experienced that one teacher that misplaced one of your assignments or eve lost it due to lack of organization. Well, we say no more! Teachers need a little bit of help sometimes too, and if we help them, they’ll be able to help their students! Many people tend to be disorganized, and it happens to the best of us, sadly. Sometimes we’re just not the best at keeping up with everything and making sure everything is neat and tidy, because who has the time for that?! Well today, we’re here to help with a few organizational tips for teachers instead of the students! These tips will help keep the classroom organized and help our teachers relieve a little bit of stress!


Now, these tips are mainly going to be aimed for elementary level teachers, because that’s where the skills are taught first. Once the kids learn organization from their teachers at that age, they’ll be able to be all neat and tidy all on their own when they’re older. To help teachers stay organized, we are going to put some accountability onto the students. This way, everyone is learning and helping each other out. This can be done by making sure each student has color-coded, labeled folders for each subject and category. Then, every time there is a paper to be put away, the teacher can tell them exactly which folder to put it in. That way, the next time the teacher asks for that paper, and the student says’ “I can’t find mine,” the teacher will be able to say that she told everyone to put it in the green social studies folder. This will help the students learn organization while helping out the teacher as well.



Next, we can help organize your attendance and homework routine for those early mornings. If the students have color-coded folders like suggested, they should have one that is specifically for homework. They can put their homework in it at the end of the day and take it home, then bring it in the next day in the same folder. If you have a large cubby space that has enough room for each student, then this tip will be perfect for taking attendance and checking who’s done their homework. Every morning when the students come, make sure they know to drop off their homework folder into their designated cubby, with their completed homework sheets on top of the folder. This way after everyone has arrived, you can just look over to the cubby area and see who is here and who did their homework. This will help the students to actually do their homework on time, because they know you’ll see it first thing in the morning. We’re probably upsetting a lot of 8 year olds that dread doing homework, but this time it’s all about the teachers!


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