Livable Living | 6 Decorating Tips for Newlyweds

These days when it comes to planning a wedding, interior design typically takes a supporting role. Pinterest boards are no longer sporting fun around the house DIY projects, but instead those of hairstyles and decor for the big day. And rightly so!!

So, what happens after the honeymoon? Back to reality, you have to live together?! Combine two styles into one?! Just because you love each other, doesn’t mean you have the same taste in interior design. The designers at A.Clore Interiors have gathered some helpful hints on how to help ease the tension and stress that comes along with the marriage move in:

1| Plan Ahead – There is nothing wrong with a little prior planning! As designers, we know it takes time to gather furnishings, colors, accessories, etc. You don’t have to run out and buy your whole new living room tomorrow, but it helps to have an understanding (if you don’t already) of what each other will tolerate on the decor front.

2| Create a Virtual Mood Board – This will help organize your design thoughts. There are several websites and applications that will allow you to pin your ideas to an “imagebook” or “board”. Some of our favorites are Pinterest, Houzz, and Olioboard. Warning: It is addictive. There are thousands of inspiration photos at your fingertips (literally). You will start to see what the other likes, this should be the fun stage!


3|  Make an FF&E List – This is Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment; some couples may have more than others so this varies. It will help to make a list of all the items you both have to create an inventory of furniture and appliances. This is a great way to have an organized list to sort out what will be kept and what will be sold or donated. You may make some friends and family happy on this step. You’re welcome!

4| Give and Take – You will most likely have to do some level of compromising. But is’t this true of  marriage in general? Why should interior design be any different? There are multiple ways to combine design styles into one space. We believe that not everyone fits into one particular box. Our job as designers is to find which box both clients share!! If you take that approach, you will be able to understand each other better and come out with a design you are both proud of!


5| Start All Over – Theres nothing like a blank canvas!! By getting rid of all your pre-existing furnishings, you can build the space with a fresh eye and really get the chance to combine both your styles. Over time, your home will represent your couples signature and personality.

6 | Give and Take – Huh, this one again? Yes. This step will be repeated through out the entire process!

We have only scraped the surface with advise on combining his and her styles. It has become a rare art form that the designers here at A.Clore Interiors seem to have perfected.  Far beyond the “mixture of masculine and feminine”….Here are some inspiration rooms we feel show how a mixture of styles can make a space cohesive:





Wishing you a happy home and a happily after ever marriage!


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