Day 9: Haint Blue

In light of a recent conversation I had with a prospective client, we give thanks today for the theories and concepts of Haint Blue.

These mysterious and elusive paint colors have a very interesting story and there is more to this palette than meets the eye…

Theory has it that way back when paint used to contain lime in the milk which would deter critters and such…some say they thought it was because the illusion of an endless sky.

We have to tell you the true story, Im afraid,

its not the “blue” thats the problem, its the “haint” that has stayed!!

A southern ghost story, at least that is what I am told…

this color is a way to keep out haunts from the old.

Symbolizing water, which a haint dare not cross,

they painted their door trim, their ceilings, the whole darn house!!

Modern day its used to stay calm and collected, but it’s history from now on will never be neglected!

From seafoam to aqua, theres no one particular hue…

…just know we are addicted to color,  and today the color is Haint Blue!!