5 Tips For Making All White Work

This summer, freshen up all the rooms in your house with white! Making a room all white is a little hard sometimes to get right. We’re here to give you some designer pointers, so you can perfect the “All White” room that is oh-so-popular right now. It is so light and fresh; you can only feel good in it. Everyone should have one “All White” room.

You can use it in small spaces to make it look larger.



Use it floor-to-ceiling with mirrors everywhere. Mirrors can make any room look larger, but especially when everything is white.

Add a few feature colors.



Add some colors that will stand out against the crisp white background. Splashing some color in a design will give it a little style and make it different.

Match white with natural hardwood flooring.



The hardwood floor mixes well because it breaks it up, yet it still has the same effect. This trick also adds some natural texture, which gives it a fresher feel.

Add texture.



Get creative with the textures. You want to keep in mind though that you are looking for a clean airy finish.

Best Room For This Trend:



Use all white in the bathroom and it will increase the spa feeling. You are sure to feel relaxed. Keep in mind that fluffy towels are essential in a spa bathroom.

This is a huge trend, and you should jump into it. It is sure to make you feel nice, calm, and most of all, relaxed. What better way to add summer freshness to your home?


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