A.Clore Interiors | Studio Make-Over

A.Clore Interiors Studio is getting a new look!!

We are sooo excited that we want to keep you updated throughout the whole process! Even give you, our readers, a chance to make some of the hard decisions for us!!

Let’s share in some inspiration, shall we??…


Love the colors! – chartreuse chairs against dramatic black shelves – Love the look!


Great utilization of space here! White, crisp and clean.


Modern minimalist // Cute attic office.


Organization. Multifunctional. Storage. Yes please.


Flexible seating // color punch.


Feature wall // what a grand entrance! 

BW library

 Traditional flare with an industrial touch. Exposed ceiling. Worktable on casters – clever!


Love the bookcase. Love the chair. Love the crown trim!! Modern // Elegant


Die for that chandelier…………plush rug and pillows galore. We adore.


A fabulous example of how a retail store should look. // calm and cohesive //  Wishing we had more wall space.


Contrast anything with white // Instant modernization


Atypical workspace design with color to back it up. // Collaborative Creativity // Love this idea for the presentation room!


Grand !dea // Showcase our favorite designs as art!

LEGO Group Office - Interior Office Design Picture 6

Bold. Statement. Walls.


Seating area is a must have! – Neutral Base // Pop Color – a chance to showcase creativity with color and pattern with the ability to evolve!


Traditional Architecture // transitional // Modern Furnishings


Cobalt blue!! // and that view……


Dual work space with shelving // Designated space for architectural plans! // pretty flowers


Monochromatic // creativity // Window display


What kind of shade would you like?? Shades a plenty…


Stark white // vibrant, unexpected // Wall art


Color. Color. Color.


Doing it…Retail display with a deco touch.


Vintage vibes makes for eclectic finds. The lived in look…


Fabric wall, a studio must have! // which book was it in again?….


Simple // Gold over Silver // Glamour


Creativity is key…Proof you can do anything with palettes!! 


Rugs with color make us smile // whats in that back room? // rooms unfold and tell a story


cool, calm, collected // MODustrial


Hope you are now as excited as we are!!

We are ready to have a new space to showcase our individual brand style and a fully stocked library to help our clients in Lake Mary, Sanford, Heathrow, Oviedo, Longwood, Altamonte Springs, Windermere, Lake Nona, Orlando and surrounding central Florida communities!!

Shine On!

Life’s Too Short To Live In A Beige Room!

We have all been living through times of constant change that have created a multitude of life experiences. We have discovered these experiences and our belongings only define us if we let them and that experiencing life is not so much about what happens to us but much more about how we react to it. The designers here at A.Clore Interiors have explored this idea reflecting on how this interprets into four strong global trend messages we see emerging for the year ahead.

Bohemian Charm, Rock Candy, Earthen Wonder and Voltaic Clash

Inspired by emerging trends in art, fashion and interior design from around the world, with the help of our color experts at Sherwin-Williams and Pantone, we have created these exciting new color palettes to help you find the perfect colors for your home or office.

The Bohemian Charm collection features the retro glamour of pearls, florals and classic feminine silhouettes. They are tempered by fun and funky accents and attitude. The pastels are a bit bolder, including semi-precious gem tones like citrine, peridot and amethyst, set off by crisp neutrals. The look is still ladylike — but much more free-spirited.

The signature colors for Bohemian Charm are:

Awesome Violet, Radiant Lilac, Obi Lilac, Darkroom, Gauzy White, Rosedust, Independent Gold, Rosy Outlook, Bathe Blue, and Aloe from Sherwin Williams.

Everyone has a dark side, and we’re irresistibly drawn to exploring its murky depths and shadows. The colors are moody, the vibe is masculine and the aesthetic is both Victorian and futuristic. Visible mechanicals intrigue us, while theatrical effects, eerie collections and menswear-inspired fabrics like tweed and houndstooth evoke Sherlock Holmes and the Prohibition era of secret doors and speakeasies.

The signature colors for the Rock Candy collection are:

Roycroft Bottle Green, Olde World Gold, Plum Brown, Rockwood Dark Red, Rustic Red, Mink, Chamois, Loyal Blue, Outerspace and Rare Gray from Sherwin Williams

Time and nature work hand in hand to create a softened beauty that is restful and soothing. We experience it in the layered hues of mineral deposits, sea-buffed stones and the weathered shutters of a rustic farmhouse. The colors are chalky and earthy, the materials raw and organic, the finishes matte. It’s a homespun aesthetic inspired by our renewed appreciation for artisan craft, handmade quality and homemaking as a valued skill rather than a chore.

The signature colors for the Earthen Wonder collection are:

Silver Strand, Roycroft Suede, Spiced Cider, Safari, Smokey Topaz, Mountain Stream, Wickerwork, Herbal Wash, Unusual Gray and Poolhouse from Sherwin Williams

Electronics, alternative rock and digital technology — plug those influences into one socket and you get a blast of high-voltage look-at-me colors. We’re not shying away from them; we’re splashing them across everything from cars to appliances to upholstery. It’s consumerism as self-expression, giving the bold and the not-so-bold equal permission to be non conformists. All those bold hues need a palette purifier, bringing black, white, gray and clear acrylics into the picture.

The signature colors for the Voltaic Clash collection are:

Electric Lime, Dovetail, Frank Blue, Calypso, Extra White, Gladiola, Black Magic, Eye Catching, Exuberant Pink, and Feverish Pink from Sherwin Williams

Get inspired and say “Buh-Bye” to your beige room!!!