Why Tile? Coverings ’19

This Saturday, February 23rd is NATIONAL TILE DAY!! We’re celebrating along side Coverings 2019 – The Global Tile and Stone Experience. This year, they asked us to be a Coverings Influencer, which we have coined “Coverings Enthusiast”! Meaning, we will be spending a whole week immersed in the latest and greatest in all things tile and stone. Stay tuned and follow along on our socials as we countdown to…..



What are the benefits of using tile? Eeeehhh….where do we begin?

Coverings ’19 is an event held annually for close to 30 years, with everything tile and stone you could possibly dream of. This event leads the tile industry with over 25,000 attendees, 90 countries represented, and 9 miles of tile and stone is displayed. Below read more about what tile can do for you and then register for the expo to further your knowledge!

It’s Eco-Friendly

Being made of organic, renewable resources like sand, clay, and glass, it’s easy to make tile and stone surfaces of recyclable materials. Unlike other surface materials, in case of a fire, tile does not release toxic substances when exposed. This is a great advantage when caring about the health of people in the environment. Instead, due to the use of natural minerals fired at temperatures over 2300 degrees F, ceramic tile will never fade and isn’t even affected by UV rays. Additionally, because of its exceptional thermal mass, tile reduces the amount of energy needed for heating and cooling. All this ensures a low environmental impact.

It’s Durable

If you think about it, tile has been around for ages – archaeologists still find remains that date back to the 9th century B.C.. Not only is tile pretty to look at, it’s also smart to use with it’s scratch-resistant and easy-to-clean properties. If you’re looking to have a eco-friendly house, choosing tile ensures the surface will last for a long time, thus preventing consumption rates unlike choosing materials that need to be replaced every so many years: like carpet, laminate, wood. A simple Clorox spritz will rejuvenate your finish and a spill won’t stain unlike on textiles. This equals low maintenance and elongates its new condition with little investment.

It’s Versatile

Quite possibly the most beautiful characteristic of tile is its versatility in how it can be used. We’ve seen it a lot on known places such as backsplash, countertops, and bathrooms. A big trend in 2019 is incorporating it in unique, impactful places like on step faces and accent walls. In addition to its location, you can lay it horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. This allows for a variance of interest it offers the eye and adds more personal preference. Depending on the tile you’re looking at, you can even pick a certain finish that adds a reflective, matte, or cracked surface.

We’re so excited to be paying more attention to tile this year, especially on February 23, #NationalTileDay !! And to do this, we’re attending The Coverings Show in Orlando April 9-12. Keep up with trends and the latest products in tiles and coverings with us and register for the expo for a once in a lifetime experience!


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2019 Interior Design Trends

With 2018 out the door and the new year here, everyone is revamping their lives with resolutions and are determined to make changes. The design industry is showing some changes, too, with new trends arising, plus some trends are carrying over from the previous year. Here are our top ten 2019 design trends!


Quartz countertops are a relatively new concept. Most clients want granite, but that requires high maintenance and isn’t as durable as quartz. With quartz you can get the look of granite while still maintaining a higher level of functionality and durability. It conveniently comes in a plethora of colors and styles to match your preference.

Keep your kitchen renovation expenses down by opting for quartz countertops.


As opposed to minimalism, maximalism is taking its stand in the new year with its bold presence of personality. While being stylishly crowded is tricky, the lived in look can make an area feel more welcoming and keep the eye interested. Some tried ways of doing this include using lots of different textures, sizes, and keeping colors bold but still within the same spectrum. We have been saying “more is more,” around the studio.

The mood board features lots of textures but sticks to similar hues.


Wallpaper has been making a huge comeback this past year, and will continue to be used in many ways.  A subtle, textured wallpaper used throughout the space keeps a cohesiveness that’s not overbearing. A bold accent wall filled with pattern catches the eyes and is an effective way for adding personality into a room. In addition to plastering it up on walls, wallpaper can wrap accessories or be framed to mock art. This decor technique will incorporate unique characteristics while still being easily removable.

The agate-patterned wallpaper in this nook draws attention to the special liquor corner.

Green Trend

Not only is green in as a color but also as a lifestyle. Green products are a better alternative in 2019; we can embrace a cleaner and more eco-friendly way of living. The hue softens any space when incorporated as a toned-down, earthy color. To achieve this, bring house plants into your rooms. It can also energize when used in the workplace when used in a bright manner.

The large painting in the back sets the natural color scheme to for the rest of the space.

Sustainable and Natural Fabrics

In 2019 animal-free leathers and worm-free silks will provide us our favorite luxurious fabrics and textures guilt free. These synthetic textiles are often more durable and affordable than the real thing, making it even more tempting to incorporate.

This leather will stay in great shape over the years in this living room due to synthetic modifying.

Rose Gold

Whether it’s on the faucets or accented with lighting fixtures or accessories, rose gold is another hit color for 2019 with its sleek and glamorous demeanor. But not in the same ways as it was in 2018; this year you will find mixed with a brassy tone to modernize it. Small pops of the color add elegance to any space. For easy inclusion, Kohler just came out with a line of rose gold plumbing fixtures.

A trendy room example with rose gold fixtures.

Decorative Ceilings

When designing your space don’t forget your ceilings; not often are ceiling seen as a fifth wall. Paint, wallpaper, and beams all act as ways to add some interests to your ceilings. This will furnish the room as a whole and can be used in many settings.

This ceiling adds extra glam to the luxurious master suite.

Multifunctional and Compact furniture

Perfect for the urban dwelling, 2019 will show more stylish options of compact, multipurpose furniture pieces. These will be smaller in scale and adaptable to different spaces. With growing families and smaller spaces in popular cities, functional furniture is key to invest in.

Curvilinear Furniture

2019 is bringing back a sense of sensuality! Curved furnishings soften and invite conversation into your space. This variation of form gives the room interest and breaks the mundane flow of corners. It’s easy to draw a large room in by focusing the circle in the center, or if you’re tight on space, use the circular form in furniture to allow for more walk-space.

This softly curved seating area with blue hues invites guests to sit down and have a heartfelt conversation.

Art Deco

Mid-Century Modern was truly loved, but it is on the way out and Art Deco will be making a comeback. Find it this year with its more lavish details being found in sofas, case goods, lighting and accessories. These flairs will easily upgrade any space.

Art decor can really personalize a space.


Interior Designs by A.Clore Interiors

Thank you to our amazing photographer Abby Liga! Interior Photography Credit: https://www.abbyliga.com/


Thank you for being an A.Clore Interiors Blog reader…..

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