Tricks of the Trade: Ceiling Options

Who wants a boring ceiling with ugly popcorn texture? We don’t, and we’re sure you don’t either! We have a few solutions to this problem we want to share with you. Pick which one works best for you, and start making moves!

Tiles or Planks


     Our first suggestion is to cover the ceiling with tiles or planks. You have many options when it comes to the material of the planks or tiles, such as laminate, mineral fiber, PVC, vinyl, or patterned tiles. The patterned tiles will definitely give a unique personality to the room that you don’t see very often. Another cool look you can create when considering planks is using the planks that mimic wood or beaded board. This is a great way to conceal ceiling damage as well!

Tin Tiles


     Tin tiles covering the ceiling do a great job at hiding uneven areas. To add your own style to it, you can use oil-based primer and fun colored oil-based paint. It is extremely important to use oil-based primer and paint, because rust can become a huge issue. You also have the option of leaving the tiles as is to give it a very retro, vintage look. In this case, you will still want to get an oil-based covering, because rust would still be an issue.

Crown Molding


     Crown moldings and wood trim can add so much to a room. These create height dimensions and give an elegant effect. You can acquire pre-made crown moldings people like to put up themselves, or you can have it professionally done. If you are a DIY fanatic, try out the pre-made moldings, but if not, we suggest getting it professionally done. The pre-made ones require a lot of skill and a compound miter saw. Most of us don’t have one of those just sitting in the back of our craft closets.



     Our last and most cost-effective suggestion is paint. Simply painting your ceiling can cause a huge change in the look of the room. If you want the room looking larger, lighter colors are the way to go! If you already have tall ceilings and want a warmer feel added to the room, use darker colors! If you have a big room but a low ceiling, continue the wall color as a border around the ceiling. This little trick creates the illusion of a higher ceiling. Pick which strategy you are going to pursue depending on which room you are trying to affect, and most of all, just have fun with it!


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