5 Ways To Fill Your Home With Positive Energy

5 Ways To Fill

Have you ever entered a home that seemed to emanate positivity, happy, and relaxed energy? Many of us just can’t seem to figure out how to get that ambiance into our own home, but we have dug up the secrets! There are actually many ways that you can achieve having a positive energy flow through your home, such as Feng Shui and aroma therapy, but we have a few other ideas for you today as well. Here are our ideas on how to bring some of those good vibes into your home and make them stay!



1. A simple way to start your journey to positive energy is to decorate with Pyrite. Pyrite is said to create a defensive shield against negative energies, environmental pollutants, and emotional and physical attacks. Try including a hunk of pyrite on a book shelf to bring on the positivity and the bling! It can be used as a paper weight or just a shiny décor piece in your space to add a metallic texture while bringing in that positive energy!



2. Next, burn sage! We’ve all heard of this before, and trust us, it actually is something that you should consider doing if you want to erase any bad energy from your home. Throughout history people from many cultures have burned white sage to enhance positive energy, cleanse ones living space, and invite protection. It’s Latin name salvia — also means “to heal.” Burn dried sage to cleanse your space! You can also spray sage! When you purchase new items for your home, you can spray them with a hint of sage to cleanse the items of any negative energy that it might carry into your home.



3. Add lucky leaves! According to the principles of feng shui, a lucky bamboo plan attracts auspicious chi energy. Try placing one near your front door and bunching multiple sticks together in one vase for even more good vibes.



4. Turn on a Himalayan Salt Lamp! Salt lamps attract humidity and when heated with an incandescent bulb, it accelerates evaporation, which produces negative ions which combats air pollutants. We know, it’s all science-y, but basically, they’re really good for you!  And, if that’s not enough, the light produced by the lamps is said to increase relaxation and decrease stress!



5. To top it off, add Jasmine. The smell of jasmine is thought to help with matters of love and friendship, and can help to bring out people’s inner-beauty. We love the spray home scent, but try using jasmine in stick or essential oil form as well!


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Summer to Fall Transition


  The seasons are changing! To keep up with this beautiful transition into colorful leaves and lower temperatures, we should transition our homes as well! It just makes sense. We have come up with some easy, fun ways to start this wonderful change.



The Changing of the Pillows

     Switch out your light, summer-y decorative pillows for warmer colors to give it a cozy, fall feel. While you’re at it, switch out the curtains, blankets, and throws as well! These are wonderful ways to show off your fall colors and a unique, seasonal personality.



A Cozy Bedroom

     You have the airy, fresh bedroom that summer called for including white sheets and light coming in from every angle. Now, it’s time to bring in the neutral, warmer colors. Replace the crisp linens for cozier and comfier fabrics. This is by far the easiest way to progress along with the seasons. Change up the throw blanket, and you will have a wonderfully different effect.



Decorate with Nature

     Fall is all about the leaves changing and pumpkin patches. Utilize these nature changes in your home! Place sticks and branches around them, or, if you’d like, you can put them together in bowls or vases giving it more of an organized outdoorsy look. If branches and sticks aren’t really your thing, use seasonal fruit! The best fall fruits to decorate with are apples and pears. They are clear indications of the seasonal décor. To spice up your décor even more, add candles, gourds, and nuts, and to give this a fancy effect, you can spray paint the decorations metallic and neutral colors, such as cream and gold.



The Candle Tray

     The candle tray is a great décor idea that helps a room feel warm and comfortable. Collect a group of candles of all different sizes and heights and place them on a tray that adds to the room you are currently decorating. The fun thing about this is you can change it up at any point in time, and it will always look great. Throw on some iron lanterns to give it a darker touch.



Dining Room Décor

   You always want to keep up your dining room with the seasons, because that is the room in which you can show off all of your nice items and individual style. Replace your plates and table linens with ones in a fall color palette. Candles, pumpkins, and fresh fruit make great centerpieces that you can decorate with however you would like.



Prepare Your Fireplace

     Let’s face the facts; you will spend the most time the end of fall around the fireplace. Depending on where, you might spend all of fall around your fireplace. One way or another, you will want to have your fireplace decorated and looking beautiful! Create an arrangement with the fall items to place around the fireplace. Your home will be complete for guests to visit in the fall season!


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