Why You Should Use Fashion Trends In Your Decor

For a while now, we have seen fashion trends popping up in interior decor in a fabulous way! It used to be that fashion trend forecasting involved analytical study and discussions of where and how trends originated. However, the more people who used their personal fashion style to decorate their homes caused a dramatic shift for fashion and interior trends coming closer together. This is allowing homeowners to show off their own style and  create a home that perfectly describes their personality!

Think About Surroundings



Couture, architecture, music and interiors are all related to each other in structure, purpose and value. For example, when a beautiful song is being made into a video, what’s needed to make it happen? A building (architecture), people and their expressed outfits (fashion), and the rooms designed around them (interiors). It’s the same when designing your home.

Use Inspiration



     The next opportunity you get to design a space in your home, turn on your favorite song, and write down what you love about it. For example, does the song make you want to dance, are there words that make you think about something beautiful. Then pull pages from magazines and highlight what caught your eye. Was it the color of the room, the flow, a piece of furniture, etc? Once you have all the components needed, you can turn your space into something that will make you happy for a long time.

Where To Go



Designers of both fashion and interiors go to great lengths to bring you the updated trends, but the best thing to do when you’re a trend fanatic is to have classic timeless pieces for the bones of your room, for example: the sofa, chair, and tables. Then, you can change trends with your accessories. Locally, one of our favorite places is Home Goods. It’s perfect for you to purchase looks for any season for your home without breaking the bank and still keep up with the trends!

Don’t Be A Copy Cat



Remember, not to exactly mimic fashion and interior trends and make your space look exactly like something you see on TV or in a magazine. Take time to find your style and spend money on timeless pieces that you love and can live with for a long time. Have fun and let your personality shine through!!


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