New Year, New Design Trends

For many, ringing in the New Year acts as the perfect opportunity to implement positive change and a fresh start in your life. That could mean a range of things whether it be focusing on health, improving diet, traveling to new places, becoming a life goal/milestone. Here at A. Clore Interiors, we are ringing in the New Year by letting go of old, overused design ideas and bringing to you new, noteworthy design suggestions bound to make a statement in 2022. If there is one thing we can take with us into the New Year moving into our third year in a pandemic, it is the drive and desire to invest more into our homes. 2022 is all about creating home environments that are both aesthetically and emotionally pleasing. Homes are becoming a “catch-all,” for work, living, entertaining, and so much more. It is important that home design in 2022 encompasses the many functions of what the “home” is transitioning into.

1. Dual-Functioning Spaces

Moving into the New Year, it has become important that our homes have multiple functions- living, gathering, working, ect. It is important that we provide designated spaces within our home to accommodate the growing needs of the home. Some examples of this are designated in-home offices or built-in workspaces that can function as a kid’s craft area, an area for homeschooling, or a work surface.


2. A Warm & Cozy Palette

There is nothing more inviting in an interior space than furniture and decor that screams “cozy.” A great way to achieve the cozy feeling in your interior space is the use of a moody color palette. Warm tones like darker greens, browns, blues, and blacks, as opposed to stark white and cream colors, can envoke a more private and intimate environment. Moody colors can be incorporated into areas of your home like your kitchen, flooring, window treatments, furniture, accessories and so much more!

3. Two-Tone Color Combo

The use of a two-tone scheme is a great way to add visual interest and a “wow” factor into any space. Most paint strips come with a variety of the same color shade, making it a great way to find two colors that will easily complement each other.  The use of a darker shade on lower cabinetry will help anchor your space, while the use of a lighter shade on the upper cabinetry will make the room feel light and airy.


4. Make a Bold Statement with Pantone Color of the Year- 2022

Pantone just recently announced that “Very-Peri” will be the 2022 Color of the Year. This blue-violet hue is such a bold and exciting way to spice up any area of your home. You can really make a statement by using this color as the main inspiration as the color palette for your design, or even subtly add hints of this color in your home decor and floral arrangements to add the pop of color your space needs!


5. Wow With Whimsical

Creating a space that encompasses your personality is the best way to make a house, a home. One of the amazing things about interior design is that there is no right or wrong- and you can be as creative and imaginative with your design as you want to be. Great ways to add a whimsical element into your space is by using bold wallpaper or fabrics, cascading elements like chandeliers, fun statues and sculptures, and funky wall art. The sky is the limit when it comes to design, so don’t be afraid to let your originality shine!


6. Nothing Better Than a Neutral

Something about a neutral color palette just speaks to the soul. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing and calming- it also serves as the best base to easily revamp your space when you feel you need a quick change. Anchoring your home with neutral pieces is a great way to ensure that your design will stand the test of time. You can easily transform any neutral space with pops of bold color in decor, floral arrangements, throw pillows, and fabrics when you need to spice up your life, without having to break the bank for all new furniture pieces. Neutral color palettes are a great way to create a sense of peace and balance within the home- something we can all search for in this upcoming year!


Our team at A. Clore wishes everyone a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!

Lake Druid Remodel

Lake Druid Remodel

A deeper look into the details of this project

The heart of the home…

is the beautifully bright, open concept kitchen. There are so many elements that are exclusive and original, yet also practical. Let’s take a closer look at some of these features.

The water fall island…

is the focal point of the room. It has quartz countertops that combine with a contrasting butcher block waterfall accent. This is very unique and practical, because it can be used as a cutting board! Another eye-catching feature in this space is the backsplash. We went with a  gray and white toned linear glass and stone mixture, really making the kitchen sparkle.

The floating stove top…

 is a one of a kind element that adds flare to this home. We worked with Pitt Cooking to make our vision come to life. The burners are placed on a heat resistant stone countertop, followed by another inserted piece of butcher block, more practicality!

The upstairs living area…

has a view like no other. These chairs face out to see the beautiful Florida lake that this home is on. Therefore, we kept the design simple here using wood tones, but of course had to add the pop of color to embrace our clients’ fondness of originality.

The bathrooms…

are ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant, with curve-less, roll-in showers. The spaces are simplistic in style, while being extremely functional for the needs of our client. All the bathrooms have LED mirrors that are a wonderful addition to the space, enhancing the modern style. Of course, the black faucets and hardware complete this sleek design.

The exposed brick…

in the downstairs (technically the first floor) living room kitchen area was actually repurposed from the exterior of the home. We love being able to add bits and pieces of sentiment, making the design that much more special for our clients.

This space acts as a fully functioning second kitchen in the home featuring a hidden wine cellar.

The staircase…

is a gorgeous, elegant feature of this home. Fun fact: we relocated the staircase to the back of the house in order to get that view. We used natural wood, horizontal steel beams, and cable railing. The contrast of the wood and black embraces the theme of the rest of the home, tying everything together.


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