A Timeless Holiday Season

The holidays brings joy to many. Pinterest-fanatics can finally implement their “Christmas Decor” board and deck the halls with holly for the cold season. We run into a common issue though; modern interiors were very popular this year, and you may be concerned on how to maintain the clean aesthetic while still being jolly. By picking a color scheme, keeping decorations impactful, and other techniques, you can have a happy holiday season while still impressing the family.

Color Coordination

Everyone knows the classic colors red and green; they’re a go-to when choosing items at the store. Using lots of these together can create a jumbled feeling in your house and often don’t suite the existing color scheme. Silver and gold are great substitutes to fix this problem. Silver can be beautifully paired with red or green. It will create a modern look and glimmer like newly fallen snow. When silver is the main color, it may be accented with both red and green, making an extra festive look. Gold works the great with red, adding hints of luxury with the warmer tones. This pair creates a very welcoming atmosphere for guests.

Here we focus on the red theme.

Try doing the unexpected for Christmas too! Blue decor can effectively create a winter wonderland with silvery whites. Or a wreath adorned with cinnamon and oranges will be eventful and have a welcoming smell.

Soft blue with silver reflects a wonderland.

Impactful Decorations

Placement is a big factor when decorating. Overcrowding with trivial items will waste away in the space and look cluttered. A few complimentary items next to each other, or a large item, will have the best effect when centrally placed. Working off this emphasis is beneficial, growing around the space. This will then make the design effective.

Your eye goes directly to the merry sign!

Use Existing Items

You may have a few table-scapes already set up or decorative water cans hanging around your home. Good news for you! Save money by incorporating these. Just update them to fit the current season. Evergreens, red berries, and candles are cheap items that can be placed around a centerpiece. Add wintery foliage and lights inside pots or vases to maintain that holiday glam.

Time to use those pots you have laying around.


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