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The 10 Color Commandments

1. The 60/30/10 rule: Divide your room into 60 percent of a dominant color, 30 percent of a secondary color, and 10 percent of an accent color. This will make sure that you have a balance of every color that you want to use, without going too far.



2. Embrace Emotions: Understand the emotional connection that you and your family have to certain hues. Everyone reacts a certain way to different colors in various hues, so make sure that the colors you pick won’t have a negative emotional effect on those residing in your home.

3. Complimentary Colors: For a visually striking room, choose complementary colors that are directly opposite from one another on the color wheel, such as red and green, or blue and orange. This will add a bit of fun and interest to your space, because the colors complement each other instead of blending together as similar hues would.



4. Analogous Colors: For a casual feel, use analogous colors. Analogous colors are situated next to each other on the color wheel such as blue and violet, or yellow and green. If you do not want the striking look that is achieved with using complementary colors, analogous colors is the way to go!

5. Bright Colors: Embrace bright colors to create the illusion of space. To get this look right, it’s important to mirror the color of your walls in your flooring. This will make the room feel like one open space.



6. Color Combinations: The rule to remember is that cool colors tend to recede, while warm colors seem to come towards you. So, to make a space seem bigger, use a cool color on the walls. Then to make a space seem smaller or closer, use warm colors.

7. Add Black: To use bright colors in your home without creating a childish feeling interior, add a few elements of black around the room to lend a sophisticated edge.

8. Warm up, Cool Down: Warm up or cool down your home with colors. Reds, oranges, and yellows traditionally create a feeling of warmth. Use cooler color schemes like greens and blues to create a cleaner, fresher color palette.



9. Neutral Palette: A neutral palette can still be impactful. The key to creating interest is to remember that neutrals don’t have to be just beige, tan or white. Consider rich camel browns to put a fun twist on everyday neutrals.

10. Color Memories: Use colors from your past as inspiration. The most impactful choices can be colors from childhood that remind you of good memories.


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