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How To Throw An Awesome Anti-Valentine’s Day Party

This Anti-Valentine’s Day Party has become a huge thing! Being single is so acceptable these days, we decided we all deserve a holiday as well! Get ready to invite all your single girlfriends over and have an amazing celebration of your single freedom.



Feel like hitting something? Go out and get a piñata! You can get red and pink decor to still stay in the color palette or go full black. Black paper hearts, balloons, tablecloths, etc. What’s the best centerpiece for an Anti-Valentine’s Day Party? Wine. Put bows on the bottles,

Food & Drink


Don’t be so against the cute little heart-shaped cookies, but you can have fun with it by writing some more relatable sayings on them with icing! You can even add it as a part of the party. Have them all made and cooled down and you all can decorate cookies while watching all the best Anti-Valentine’s Day movies. Sounds fun, right? Oh, and don’t forget the wine. It might not complement the cookies best, but it will sure add to your good time!


Speaking of watching the best Anti-Valentine’s Day movies, here are a few…

The Break-Up


(500) Days of Summer


Blue Valentine


Hopefully, this helps you have an awesome Anti-Valentine’s Day party! We definitely will!


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