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Tips and Tricks for Small Space Living

Everyone has lived or is currently living in that small apartment we have a love-hate relationship with. We have the problem solving tips and tricks to turning that love-hate relationship to an all-loving attitude!


Before we start talking about small space decoration, we have to go over a few basics. First and foremost, frequent cleaning is a must. It will keep the space from getting cluttered and will automatically look more open. Next, only keep what you absolutely need and cannot live without, and last but not least, avoid buying unnecessary items. These last two kind of go hand in hand, but they both are very important.




We have a quite a few decorating tricks for small spaces, but to keep this list with important ones only, we’ll share the tricks with the most impact.

1. Put your lovely sofa backed up against the wall. It opens up the space a little more, and you won’t have to worry about small walkways behind or in front of your sofa.

2. Use items that have dual purposes, such as couches that turn into beds. This useful item can make your studio apartment a living room and a bedroom with one quick fix.

3. Use as much natural light as you can. Keep your curtains open throughout the day if you’re spending the day at home or having friends over. It helps make the space feel larger and simply more open.

4. More storage space saves lives! Shelves, bookcases, and under the bed bins are all wonderful ways to store more stuff you don’t know what to do with. In a small space, storage is key! We repeat. Storage is key!

We hope our suggestions help you tremendously. Just remember to keep it clean and get some extra storage!


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