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Trim Up Your Coffee Table Tray

Think about what you have on your coffee table right now. You probably have remotes and one centerpiece. Well, why don’t we switch that up a bit? Bring some home décor to the center of the living room. The best way to decorate a coffee table without it looking like clutter and still being able to use it is by decorating with a tray. Trays are glorious items. They make everything look clean and “put away” while they’re still on display. On a tray, each object has its place. Here are some tips and tricks to styling this piece of home decor.



Grab a few books or magazines. Stack only a few and place in the tray. We’re going to build around them. Use a little box or another tray to hold all the remotes. Place that strategically on the tray as well. Pull out some interesting knickknacks and place them on top of the books as paperweights. Try to use an odd number such as just one or three. Don’t go overboard here, because it will have a cluttered effect if there are too many. Try to vary the heights, colors, and textures in the tray. This turns simple items grouped together into décor. Our last tip is to use natural elements. Try placing a succulent, flower, or some other small plant on the tray. It makes the room feel refreshed and relaxed.



We hope this helps out. Don’t be afraid to try something different or unique! It’s your home. Make sure your décor expresses you!


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