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Weather Your Letters!


We all know how expensive zinc letters can be, and if you don’t, just know that it’s not worth it! There’s absolutely no reason to buy them when you can make your very own right at home for a percentage of the cost. Especially when you have us to lead the way step by step! With just a little time and some paint, you’ll have your own metal toned letters that you can say you created all by yourself.


To start this project off you can take a trip to Joann’s or Hobby Lobby and pick up wooden letters. You will also need black paint, metallic paint and an acrylic paint in a burnt amber color or copper toned. Once you have all of your supplies you can first paint the letters with a coat of the black paint, and then let it dry. Next you can paint over the coat of black with the metallic paint. Make sure to dip your paint brush in a circular motion and haphazardly apply this onto the black paint. Do only small sections at a time as the paint can tend to dry rather quickly. Then, using a paper towel, rub in the paint in a circular motion to further mix it with the black. During this step there is no perfection, just start rubbing in the paint and smearing the colors together to begin to see an aged effect. Put your OCD to the side, and let this process flow! Photo Source

Now once all of the metallic painting is done, you can start applying the amber colored acrylic paint. Use a sponge to lightly blot the acrylic paint randomly onto the letters. This will give them that worn and weathered look and add a finishing touch to your antique rusted style letters. Then, after you are finished blotting you can let the letters dry and find a place for them to call home! Glue hardware to the back of the letters and hang them up onto the wall. You can spell out your favorite word, your family’s last name or put up your initials. Once your letters are done, the sky is limit with what you can do with them so don’t let the fun stop when you’re done!


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