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Wednesday Color Report: Pantone Warm Taupe

Who doesn’t love a good neutral color? Pantone chose this lovely Warm Taupe as part of the Fall 2016 color palette, and we’re obsessing over it! It’s so easy to incorporate into your home decor or into your wardrobe. This Warm Taupe is a hearty, yet approachable color and is so pleasing to the eye. It’s such a diverse color that it actually pairs nicely with all 10 colors Pantone chose for the season. The color also takes on a couple different “personalities.” It’s very chic, stylish, and belongs in every working woman’s closet, but it also has a very earthy side creating a grounded and organic look. Warm Taupe slightly leans away from the base of the colors in this year’s Fall palette, but it’s surely timeless.

Warm Taupe



In The Home





In Your Closet






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