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Welcome the New Year Into Your Clean Home

Okay, people. It’s 2016! We need to start preparing our homes for the new year! Getting everything prepared will help us take a breath and relax before jumping into the chaos that inevitably awaits us ahead. Where do we even start? Say it with me! Out with the old, in with the new!



For starters, this is not replacing Spring-cleaning. Sorry people, but this is in addition to Spring-cleaning. On the plus side though, it will make it a whole lot easier when it comes times for all that fun dusting.

Out with the old starts in whichever room your little heart desires. The simple first step is just to de-clutter your home. Clutter brings unnecessary chaos. Try and tap into those certain areas you don’t think about all the time, such as empty shampoo bottles, old razors, old magazines, old clothes, old anything really. Just get rid of it already! There is a theory when you’re moving that if you haven’t used an item in a year, don’t pack it. Toss it instead. Use that same theory when de-cluttering your home. You won’t even remember that old coffee mug in a week.



Finally do those household chores you’ve been putting off. Do your laundry. Go ahead and sweep, mop, and vacuum. Wash and change all your sheets and towels. We all know how amazing it feels sleeping on fresh sheets. Don’t deny yourself that luxury when starting the New Year.

Make your bathroom beautiful! Clean it. Wipe down all the counters and mirrors. Wipe down everything you. Even clean the shower. No one likes to do it, so that isn’t a good excuse people! We know this is part of the Spring-cleaning checklist, but we should be doing this much more often than we do now anyway.

Take out all of your trash. That is kind of common sense and just part of your daily chores, but what isn’t included in that? Actually clean your trashcans! We never think about this because it is where all dirty things go, but we seriously need to clean those gross buckets every once in awhile.



Now that we have gotten done de-cluttering the home and cleaning EVERYTHING, clear up what is left of the clutter. You still have a bunch of coffee mugs left? Put them away nice and neat. It’s as simple as that. Just put away what is left. Make as much space as possible. This includes all the old food you just threw out of your refrigerator. Wipe down the shelves and make it look clean. You’ll want this when you’re stocking your fridge.

Be a man! Get down to yard work! It has been an extremely hot winter, so you can’t even have the excuse that it’s too cold outside. Get your butt outside and clean up the yard. Just make it look as nice and pretty as the inside of your home.



Last, but not least, clean that car! We all know, especially after the holidays, your car is a black hole where things get sucked in and never taken back out. Don’t start the New Year like that! Take a garbage bag and do away with all the trash. Take in all the extra clothes that are more than likely piled in your backseat. Keep a jar next to you as well, because you are probably going to find quite a bit of change your car ate up.

Everyone loves the feeling of being clean and on top of things. Let yourself have that pleasure this New Year, even if it only lasts a day!


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